Tire Sunshades ImageProtect your motorhome's and trailer's tires from wind, rain and sun and avoid dried out, weathered, pre-aged tires with tire sunshades.
Available in styles to fit most tire sizes.

Tire sunshades** are available in 8 sizes:

Part # To fit tire sizes Part # To fit tire sizes
TS-01 33" to 34" dia. tires TS-08/10 24" to 26" dia. tires
TS-02/03 31" to 32" dia. tires TS-11 21" dia. tires
TS-04/05 29" to 30" dia. tires TS-00* 36" to 39" dia. tires
TS-06/07 27" to 28" dia. tires TS-000* 40" to 42" dia. tires





*Special Price. **Standard Tire Sunshades are available plain, as shown. Contact us for pricing. If a cover size you require is not listed,
let us know the size/brand you need. We may be able to add it to our list of available product.